Tips and tricks
While WaterColors Nail Enamel may look and act like traditional solvent-based polish, it does have its eccentricities. Most of our customers tell us they would rather have to do an extra step if necessary rather than use polishes which contain potentially toxic ingredients. Here are some special instances and ideas which can help you create the perfect manicure.

1) Dry Nails
We’ve found that individuals with dry skin and dry nails tend to have a more difficult time removing our polish. For those folks, we recommend moisturizing the nails first before applying polish. Rub a little cuticle oil (or any good oil like jojoba, sweet almond, olive, etc.) into nails until the shininess disappears and the oil is absorbed into the nail. Then polish the nails as usual. You may want to remove the polish after one week of wear. Moisturize after removing polish.

2) Cold Temperatures
Since our polish is water-based, it can thicken in cold temperatures. We recommend storing our polish at normal room temperature. If polish does thicken, add ONE drop of water to bottle and shake well. This should return the polish to normal consistency. If it does not, the polish had been too cold for too long and needs to be replaced.

3) Length of Wear
It’s rare we ever hear that our polish doesn’t last long enough. However, if you find the polish isn’t wearing as long as expected, the problem probably comes back to application. We recommend that you try to polish your nails at night if possible. Though our polish is tack free in no time, it takes longer to cure at the molecular level than traditional polish. So the longer you give it to set up without exposure to water, etc., the better it will wear. That being said, everyone wears polish differently. How long the polish lasts on you also depends on your body chemistry, daily activities and environmental exposure. Applying a clear top coat can extend the wear of polish. We also recommend a base clear coat under our darker colors such as Vintage Merlot, Risque and Desire.

4) Removal
The film that is formed by the water-based system becomes more difficult to dissolve as time passes. For this reason, we recommend you remove the polish at or before one week of wear the first time you use our polish. Apply Honeybee Gardens Odorless Remover to a cotton ball or remover pad. Hold the wetted cotton ball on the nail for a few seconds, and then proceed to rub the polish off while applying gentle pressure. Do not scrape at the nail. It may take a few swipes longer than you’re used to, but the product will come off. People with dry, ridgy or porous nails may need to work at it a bit longer. Acetone-based removers will not work because this is not a solvent-based system. Wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after removal. If you have naturally dry skin, you may also want to use a moisturizer. Some customers have told us they have success applying our remover to a piece of white craft felt or even an old white gym sock (turned inside out) and then using it to remove the polish. The added texture from these items helps to hold the remover on the surface of the nail better and acts as a gentle exfoliant to better remove the polish.

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