According to research, nail care has been a concern since as early as 3000BC. Ming Dynasty records indicate that Chinese royalty painted their finger nails in black and red shades. Egyptian nobles considered deep red nails indication of high status, and Roman warriors painted their nails prior to heading off the enemy. It is likely that a similar idea exists behind nail care today.

Naturally, individuals who take great care with their hygene- even going that extra mile to make their hands bright and colorful- could be perceived as more aware of their surroundings, more in-tuned to themselves, and even wealthier.

Additionally, perhaps the earliest recorded history of nail adornment in China lends support for the reign of Asian populations in the establishment of nail salons.

The Rule

It’s all based on one simple rule: Women want to look perfect. We want to be like the images in magazines and posters. Some women view having perfect nails as an important detail to this image. Women of all types, professions, and ages take part in this ritual. Perfect hands give them confidence, and that helps get the job done.

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