Did you know that nails are one of the last parts of our body to receive blood and nutrients during times of illness. Therefore, nail appearance is a signal of vitamin or mineral deficiency or body changes. But that is not the whole story, and nail care is also very important.

Our nails are colorless and transparent. Healthy nails would usually appear pink because of the abundance of blood vessels under the skin. The nail’s tissue is called the matrix and the white moon-like lunula is at the top of the matrix. Below that is the nail bed, where the nail attaches to the body. The cuticle grows down over the nail bed and forms a watertight seal that protects the matrix against infection or foreign objects. Watch out for manicures or pedicures that cut away the cuticle because by doing so they increase the chance of getting a nail infection.

Natural estheticians do not use chemical nail hardeners or conditioners as part of their repertoire. These products do not stimulate growth or strength. They contain clear nail polish, which must be removed with damaging solvents. The solvents strip away the nail’s natural moisture. Before you know it, the nail’s keratin, or protein, is damaged and your nails peel and chip. Natural treatments include using aloe vera for its healing properties, in combination with oils such as primrose, camellia or almond as emollients. Fruit acids are added to soften the cuticles, allowing them to be pushed back.

A diet made up of fruits and vegetables to ensure vitamin and mineral absorption is beneficial for you and your nails. It should also incorporate whole grains, nuts and foods that are high in iron and protein. Drinking fresh-squeezed carrot juice daily will provide a first-rate source of calcium and phosphorus needed to strengthen your nails. Silica is necessary for the formation of strong healthy nails. It can be obtained by brewing up a cup of herbal horsetail and oat straw tea, or from a colloidal silicea supplement. Horsetail also is high in the amino acid L-cysteine. This amino acid is additionally found in the herb coltsfoot and contains sulfur, which is required in skin and nail growth.

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