Generally, hands age at a much faster rate than the other parts of the body. Our hands are always in contact with the elements, household chemicals and extreme temperatures causing sun damage, dryness, chapped skin and age spots, yet our mitts are often left off the list when it comes to pampering.

Give your hands attention means more than rubbing a bit of hand cream in when you remember. Give your hands a mini ‘facial’ and manicure once a week. Gently rub an exfoliater on your hands and then soak them in warm milk. Pat dry then apply an oil to nourish them, using a hand cream to seal the oil in. We lose moisture from our hands every time they come into contact with water so get into the habit of applying hand cream throughout the day. Have some lotion by the sink or by your computer at work, and reapply two to three times a day – when you come back from the bathroom, or after washing up or eating.

As pictures of Madonna show, you may have the body and face of someone ten years younger, but neglected hands are a dead age giveaway. We look at ways to keep your mitts in marvellous shape.

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